UA/Rio Classic Rules



  • $20 Weekend Pass Adults - $12 Daily Pass Adults

  • $15 Weekend Pass Kids & Teens - $8 Daily Pass Kids & Teens

  • Children under 8 years old free



  • Stopped Clock 14 minute halves for 9U-14U, 16 minute halves for 15U-17U

  • 2 minute halftime

  • Overtime: 2 minute first overtime, second overtime  is sudden death, jump ball to start both overtimes, no carryover timeouts, each team awarded one timeout in first overtime only.

  • One and One on the 10th team foul of each half. No double bonus.



  • A player committing a 6th  personal foul will be disqualified.  Technical fouls count as personal fouls.

  • Three (3) full timeouts per game per team.

  • Two (2) Technical fouls during a game on any player, coach, or team representative will result in their disqualification for the rest of a game.

  • 20+ point leads will result in continuous running clock in the 2nd half until lead is less than 15 points.

  • Each team must have 2 sets of uniforms. 1 light and 1 dark. Team listed first or on top in the app and wears light.  Team listed second or on bottom wears dark.
  • There will be one scorekeeper/clocker provided for each game.  Both teams are encouraged to have representation at the table in keeping the official book.



  1. Head to Head

  2. Point differential: Maximum 15 points. (Forfeits are scored at 15-0) Point differential calculation is based solely on the games between the tied teams. In the event of sa three-way tie for first, point differential will be used to establish the pool winner. Head to Head will determine winner between the last 2 teams.

  3. Defensive  Point System: If 3 teams remain tied after the above tie breakers the team with the lowest total points allowed will advance. The remaining teams will revert back to tie breaker #1


Anything not covered above will be handled fairly by Tournament Directors:

Brian Klatsky 732-904-0950 or Shannon Coyle 732-547-8335