Jacob Tucker

I'm Training Featured Trainer

Jacob Tucker made himself into a household name when he won the NCAA's annual dunk contest during Final Four weekend several years ago. Now, as an Athletic Performance Trainer for world-renowned I'm Possible Training (www.possibletraining.com), athletes all over the world are learning the methods that earned Jacob Tucker his 50 inch vertical leap!

As a trainer featured by I'm Training, Jacob Tucker is taking his innovation even farther, revealing how to use I'm Training's innovative training tools at a whole new level for all athletes for virtually all sports. Tucker is also working directly with I'm Training to help design and manufacture the best Athletic Performance tools on the market. His innovation will surely change the meaning of the phrase "I'm Training" for athletes around the globe.



Jacob's Product Of Choice: The Super Secret Sole

A patented weighted insole that is easy to use and is good for all sports and aerobic exercises. Designed to increase strength, speed, agility, and vertical. Train with the insoles in your shoes and then replace with your regular insole for competition. See and feel the improvement and difference! It's like a medicine ball for your feet to train with!


  • Constructed of durable multidensity EVR for increased shock absorption and support
  • Special weighted layer designed to make workouts more efficient
  • Semi-flexible device designed to reduce stress and fatigue during training


  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t put stress on the knee
  • Can be worn in most shoes
  • Will give athletes an edge on competition
  • Can be used in virtually any type of drill or exercise