Micah Lancaster

Basketball: Micah Lancaster

Micah Lancaster is a world renowned basketball skill development trainer who has worked with players at all levels – grassroots to pros – including Kobe Bryant for an event with the London School of Basketball and most recently working with Dwyane Wade, Mario Chalmers, Kyrie Irving, Evan Turner, Reggie Bullock, Ben Mclemore, Nolan Smith, Phil Pressey, and Avery Bradley.

As founder of I’m Possible Training (www.possibletraining.com), the world’s largest training movement, Micah is known around the world for his skills, drills, and original training methods. Based in North Carolina, players from around the globe travel directly to Micah for private training or just to attend his camps and clinics. In fact, Micah has hosted players from Israel, Italy, Singapore, England, Hong Kong, Brazil and India in just the last three years.



Micah's Produst Of Choice: The Medicine Basketball

As the original inventor and innovator of the medicine basketball concept, Micah Lancaster helped design the I'm Training Medicine Basketball to perfect the training methodology.


  • Designed for basketball specific grip
  • Durable and usable on nearly any surface
  • Designed to minimize bouncing for training purposes
  • Three different medicine ball sizes allow for athletes to perform different exercises and increase or decrease the difficulty level of certain exercises.
  • Complementary online video library of "how to" drills provided upon purchase.


Thoughts from the NBA:

"Micah Lancaster's Medicine Basketball can be used to train all players at every skill. Ballhandling, driving, protecting the ball, creating space, footwork, defense, hand-eye coordination and even a quicker catch and release for the shooter. Micah's demonstrations will prove how this tool can change your game and give you a much needed edge to improve your overall basketball skill set." - Dee Brown (former NBA All-Star and current Kings assistant coach)

Thoughts from the Cleveland Cavaliers:

"Micah Lancaster's Medicine Basketball is a great addition to ballhandling drills - to excelerate hand eye coordination, help an athlete improve his quickness and create the edge needed to be more successful." - Aubrey McCreary (Cavs assistant coach)



“Micah Lancaster is one of the best in the business…hands down

- Kyrie Irving (NBA All-Star, NBA Rookie of the Year, #1 Draft Pick, Cleveland Cavaliers)

“Micah Lancaster has some of the amazing workouts I’ve ever seen. There are no limits to his imagination to get you better!”

- Evan Turner (2nd Overall Pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, Philadelphia 76ers)

“The thing that stands out the most about Micah is his commitment to getting people better. When he worked me last summer it’s the best I’ve felt in a while. He’s very energetic and you know he’s going to make you challenge yourself.”

- Mario Chalmers (NBA and NCAA Champion, Miami Heat)