Micah Lancaster's Innovation



In just a few years, Micah Lancaster has not only made a name for himself as one of the best basketball skill coaches in the world as the owner and founder of I'm Possible Training, but also as arguably the most innovative trainer in all sports. That's why I'm Training partnered with Micah Lancaster in order to bring his world-renowned training inventiveness to life for athletes around the globe to use innovative training tools and train on their own.

Through a partnership with Micah Lancaster, adopting his training philosophies, and working together to create the best athletic training tools and gear on the market, I'm Training LLC, has quickly become a giant in innovative training tools and resources. I'm Training has completely embraced Lancaster's I'm Possible Training philosophy and is partnering with other of the world's top trainers with a vision to give all athletes the ability to train on their own using state of the art, and ingenious training tools. Just take a look at the following breakthrough training products for all sports.

1. Micah Lancaster's Medicine Basketball

As the original inventor and innovator of the basketball specific medicine ball training concept, Lancaster saw massive flaws in the products that existed - including poor grip, durability, inconsistency of quality, and cost.

That's why Micah Lancaster and I'm Training spent several years working with manufacturers and designers to make the best Medicine Basketball in the world, perfecting everything from the grip, design, size, durability, and basketball effectiveness. The Medicine Basketball continues to change the way basketball players improve their overall games, but also athletes of all sports including football, wrestling, tennis, and of course athletic performance.

2. The Rip Cone

The invention of the Rip Cone has revolutionized the cone industry and the training industry. Finally, there is a cone with imagination, which can do more than just be placed on the ground. Its thoughtful, durable, and innovative design gives athletes the perfect tool to simulate everything from contact, game accountability, flexibility, control and more.

Working with the some of the top sport-specific trainers in the world, Micah Lancaster (basketball), Ed Tseng (Tennis), Jacob Tucker (athletic performance), and more, the Rip Cone is designed to be picked up, stacked, slid, force low hips when changing directions, and is even designed with the durability to serve as a target that can be knocked down and struck.

3. The Super Secret Sole

The Super Secret Sole is a patented weighted insole that is easy to use and is good for almost all sports and aerobic excercises. Endorsed by the Athletic Performance guru with the 50 inch vertical, Jacob Tucker, the Super Secret Sole is especially good for power walkers, joggers and competitive athletes. Otherwise known as the S3, the Super Secret Sole is easy to use, can be worn inmost shoes and in virtually any type of drill or exercise, while giving athletes an edge on competition without putting added stress on the knees!

4. Athletic Training Gear

As far as we're concerned, there are simply too many athletic shorts and shirts on the market today. The competition and various brands distract from the quality that athletes really deserve. That's why I'm Training's mission was to simply produce the ultimate breathable, comfortable, and athletic specific materials on the market!

We have succeeded. Our I'm Training Hybrid Training Shirts and I'm Training for Separation Drylite shorts are simply the best! Better yet, as an official sponsor of world renowned I'm Possible Training, basketball players can now purchase exclusive I'm Possible shorts and shirts that share the same breakthrough materials.

Simply put, with I'm Training leading the way in training resources and athletic product innovation, the phrase "I'm Training" will never be the same again.