The Trainers

Basketball: Micah Lancaster

Micah Lancaster is a world renowned basketball skill      development trainer who has worked with players at all levels – grassroots to pros – including Kobe Bryant for an event with the London School of Basketball and most recently working with Dwyane Wade, Mario Chalmers, Kyrie Irving, Evan Turner, Ben Mclemore, Nolan Smith, Phil Pressey, and Avery Bradley.

As founder of I’m Possible Training (, the world’s fastest growing Training Movement, Micah is known around the world for his skills, drills, and original training methods. Based in North Carolina, players from around the globe travel directly to Micah for private training or just to attend his camps and clinics. In fact, Micah has hosted players from Italy, Singapore, England, Hong Kong, Brazil and India in just the last three years.



Athletic Performance: Jacob Tucker

Jacob Tucker made himself into a household name when he won the NCAA's annual dunk contest during Final Four weekend several years ago. Now, as an Athletic Performance Trainer for world-renowned I'm Possible Training (, athletes all over the world are learning the methods that earned Jacob Tucker his 50 inch vertical leap!

As a trainer featured by I'm Training, Jacob Tucker is taking his innovation even farther, revealing how to use I'm Training's innovative training tools at a whole new level for all athletes for virtually all sports. Tucker is also working directly with I'm Training to help design and manufacture the best Athletic Performance tools on the market. His innovation will surely change the meaning of the phrase "I'm Training" for athletes around the globe.



Athletic Performance: Porter Maberry

Porter Maberry was once a 5'5 high-scoring guard who had scholarship offers to a few colleges. However, at the age of 19, Maberry finally accomplished his first dunk. Since then, Maberry has continued to wow audiences everywhere including Collegiate and High School basketball half time shows, and countless major sponsored Dunk Contest's all over the world.

However, don't call Porter Maberry a natural. Hired as an I'm Possible National Athletic Performance Trainer, Porter Maberry now works with athletes providing them with the tools needed to improve their vertical and complete their athletic makeup. Not only that, Porter Maberry is now collaborating with I'm Training to create innovative tools in order to provide ways for athletes to find athletic success.